About Potter County FOP 57

The Potter County Deputy Sheriff’s Association (PCDSA, Inc.) was formed and incorporated in 1994. Initially the organization was restricted to employees of the Potter County Sheriff Department, headquartered in Amarillo Texas.

Through the years, under several sheriffs and with retirements and officers changing agencies the need to “spread our wings” became necessary. The association now has members from over eight surrounding agencies.

In March 1997 the association decided to affiliate with the Fraternal Order of Police. Today, while known as the PCDSA Inc., the association does business under the name of Potter County Law Enforcement Association Fraternal Order of Police, Lodge #57.

Under the FOP we have had 2 presidents. Under there guidance we have not only gained in membership but have a 6000 square foot building located at 4819 State Highway 136, locally referred to as the Fritch Highway The lodge building is located about 4 miles outside the city limits of Amarillo adjacent to Loop 335.

The lodge conducts all our activities and business at the location. From our summer picnic, annual Christmas party to hosting law enforcement training programs the building has become a very useful asset to the association.

Over the years the association has become very active in assisting many local charities and community organizations.

  • Hill Top Senior Citizen’s Association
  • Flint Robins Memorial Cook Off
  • Make a Wish Chili Cook Off
  • Coors’ Ranch Rodeo Cook Off
  • Chamber of Commerce Block Party
  • Support the Troops Chili Cook Off
  • “Shop with a Cop” now known as “FOP Cops and Kids”
  • West Texas Football League
  • Camp Cactus
  • Snak Pak 4 Kids

Together we make a difference in our community.

In 1997 the Association attempted to boost salaries at the Potter County Sheriff Department. Failure to convince the county commissioner’s court and coming to an impasse, the association implemented a little known law which enabled us to take our salary request to the citizens. After obtaining over 8000 signatures the department’s wages were placed on a ballot and voted in after a hot and strategically planned political campaign.

Today, while lagging somewhat behind the local police department the Potter County Sheriff Department is one of the premier agencies when it comes to salary and equipment. The Association was influential in promoting a 20 year retirement program that not only applies to the Sheriffs Department but to all employees of the county.

Another aspect of the Lodge is to enhance the employment of our membership to include salaries and benefits, working conditions, and the use and implementation of discipline.

This combination has improved the environment we work in and provides a better officer for the public we serve and protect.